American V-Twin Service, Performance, and Repair
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                               Mileage Based Service *

1000     5000     10,000     20,000     25,000*
Sportster/       300.00     220.00      320.00         360.00         320.00

                         1000     5000     10,000     20,000     25,000*

Touring           320.00     240.00      340.00         400.00          340.00

                                  Other Services:

Touring Front Fork Service (50,000): 32

Swing-Arm Bearing Service (30,000):  220.00

Steering Head Bearing Service (ST/FXD): 350.00

Mount and Balance Tires: Front 51.00 / Rear 85.00

* Mileage based service is performed in accordance with Harley-Davidson service literature.  Prices include parts and labor.  Labor is reduced for non-applicable checks.  25K service includes cost of fuel filter change for EFI vehicles.  Additional labor may be required for adjusting steering head bearings (approximately 85.00)


We do performance upgrades that cover every end of the spectrum from  mild street to blistering drag strip power.  All work is tailored to the customer's desires with consideration to riding style, reliability, and longevity.  We know that the higher the power curve travels on the dyno read-out, longevity is going in the opposite direction!  We believe that a pound of torque per cubic inch is a good bench mark for a reliable street motor with a negligible sacrifice of longevity.  For the horsepower junkie there are plenty of "aggressive" options available.

                    Before                                                                              After

Two Gunners has had great success with Branch-O'Keefe (formerly known as Branch Flowmetrics) head work.  Their superior bathtub chamber design and flawless porting and polishing matched with the appropriate team of performance parts will bring your Twin-Cam or Evo up to snuff.  We also have some excellent options for Shovel and older models.

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We can customize your stock bike or build a frame up special construction masterpiece.

                              Before                                                                Mock-Up             


We send our air brush jobs to Steve Fernandes in Lodi, CA.  His work is the best in the industry.  See more of Steve's work at

                                Battleship Theme by Steve Fernandes


Some bikes need a little TLC, some a complete frame-up restoration.....


        We also offer welding services, parts blasting, and fabrication.